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This website is dedicated to revealing the truth about a political chameleon running in this year's Republican primary. Her full name is Veronica Turbeville Strickland Birkenstock. She is a registered Democrat from North Carolina who has made millions by taking jobs and benefits away from Americans and giving them to foreign workers. Since moving her controversial foreign worker immigration recruitment business from North Carolina to Texas eight years ago, Birkenstock has disguised her real source of income and her liberal agendas by donating large sums of money to North Texas Republican clubs.  But Birkenstock's real business and actual political record prove she supports and lobbies Congress to give American jobs to foreigners over Americans… and that she has a past and current history supporting liberal Democrats opposed to border security and immigration reform.


TxCD26 Republicans Need To Beware! 


Veronica Birkenstock is not the conservative she pretends to be. She is a registered Democrat from North Carolina who runs a foreign worker recruitment firm. 

To learn more, read the truths below about Veronica Birkenstock.



In 2016, former U.S Senator and current Republican U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions accused foreign worker recruitment businesses like the one owned by Birkenstock of being part of a self-serving industry that takes jobs away from Americans while exploiting foreigners


Click on screen to watch this CSPAN video of the US Senate Judiciary's Republican congressional leaders slam the foreign worker recruitment lobby efforts (being spear-headed by Birkenstock).


Truth #1

Veronica Birkenstock is a registered Democrat from North Carolina.

Veronica Turbeville Strickland Birkenstock is a former registered Democrat from North Carolina. She registered as a Democrat in 2004 to help Democrats John Kerry/John Edwards in their losing campaign against Republican President George W. Bush. North Carolina Democrat John Edwards was later disgraced for using campaign contributions to cover up an extra-marital affair while his wife was dying of cancer. 

Documentation: 2004 Records from the North Carolina State Board of Elections


Truth #2

Veronica Birkenstock is a big financial contributor of liberal Democrat causes in Congress.

In 2016, Veronica financially contributed multiple times to the ultra-liberal Democrat funding organization ACTBlue which directs money to Congress’s most liberal Democrats including those who are opposed to border security and immigration reform. Veronica specifically requested that ACTBlue give her contributions to one of the most liberal Texas Democrats in Congress (Filemon Vela) who strongly opposes President Trump and his border security immigration reform proposals. 

Documentation: 2016 Records from the Federal Election Commission


Truth #3

Trump’s Republican presidential transition team distanced itself from Veronica Birkenstock once the truth came out about her lucrative foreign worker recruitment business.


In December 2016, the Trump Administration transition team denied any knowledge or support for Birkenstock once word got out about her foreign worker recruitment business (non-agricultural workers). Birkenstock’s business and her lobbying activity contradicted President Trump’s call to put “America First” and this call to “investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the American worker.” Also noteworthy is Birkenstock’s prolific criticisms of Republican Attorney General Jeff Sessions who is on record in the U.S. Senate condemning Birkenstock’s H-2B visa industry for taking jobs away from American workers. Sessions and others have also compared the H-2B foreign worker recruitment business industry to modern day slavery. 

Documentation: December 2016 Trump Transition Team press releases; and 2016 U.S. Senate Records and U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing transcripts (


Truth #4

Veronica Birkenstock runs a Multi-Million Dollar business specializing in recruiting Foreign workers for American Jobs

Veronica has made millions of dollars off her foreign worker recruitment businesses (Practical Business Solutions, Inc and VTB Solutions, Inc.) which bring foreign workers into the United States through various temporary visa programs including the H-2B Foreign Worker Visa program. Critics including Republican Attorney General Jeff Sessions have accused Birkenstock’s business model of being legalized “modern day slavery” and denying American workers of American jobs. In fact, while in the US Senate, Republican Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated we don’t need to increase H-2B foreign worker visas, we need to decrease them. 

Documentation: Veronica Birkenstock Candidate Financial Disclosure Report filed with the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives on 09/18/2017



Truth #5

Veronica Birkenstock even sued the Department of Homeland Security to get more foreigner workers in the U.S.

In 2016, Veronica joined with other foreign worker recruiters in unsuccessfully suing the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security and Labor to increase the foreign worker limits for the United States. The Court ruled against Birkenstock and her fellow foreign worker recruitment industry.

Documentation: Amigos Labor Solutions Inc et al v. Perez et al; Case: 3:16-cv-00840-N; filed 03/24/2016



Truth #6

Veronica Birkenstock actively lobbies Congress to bring more foreign workers into the United States.

Veronica frequently travels back and forth to Washington DC to actively lobby Congress to expand the number of H-2B foreign workers (non-agricultural workers) in the United States. This kind of self-serving special interest lobbying puts her lucrative foreign worker recruitment business interests ahead of what’s best for America. 

Documentation: Veronica Birkenstock’s own blog postings from her foreign worker recruitment company Practical Employee Solutions’ website (Sample of Birkenstock posting:




In this year’s Republican primary,
don’t be deceived by North Carolina Democrat Birkenstock and her political chameleon act in Texas!


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